M&A Advisory.

Trying to buy or sell a company can be stressful. Trying to do either without accurate financial reports is dangerous. Which is why buyers and sellers alike love working with us.

At OSMEAC Solutions, we can provide accurate financials and due diligence that help your business make the million-dollar decisions that move the acquisitions forward.

Why is Due Diligence So Important?

Here are three of the most common errors we find during our due diligence process that could significantly hinder the ability to be successful post close:

  • Balance sheet accounts not being reconciled for extended periods of time with accuracy issues.
  • Intercompany accounts or receivables/payables not zeroing each other out. (Major variances in revenue/expense)
  • Revenue recognition errors.

Our Services

OSMEAC Solutions provides dedicated corporate accounting services post close.

Why Use Our Post Close Accounting Services?

What makes working with OSMEAC Solutions easy? To put it simply, we are your company’s one-stop-shop for affordable, flexible, corporate accounting solutions.

Our advisory services include:

• Quality of Earnings reports. • Buy/Sell due diligence. • Valuations. • Post acquisition accounting and month end close. • System implementations post close. • Sell side cash to accrual conversion and consulting. • Cleanups (Pre close) and process setup and accounting team oversight. • Other ad-hoc requests such as forecasting and reporting.

With OSMEAC Solutions on your side:

• Your team has confidence in the data we present with the best customer service to boot. • You get a full team of accounting and finance professionals the can plug and play at a moments notice. • You get access to a collaborative team of experts that work hard to deliver on time.

With OSMEAC Solutions

Experience Outsourced Accounting the Right Way.

If your business is getting ready to go through an acquisition, getting your financial reporting in order is essential. Don’t waste this critical time on tasks we can streamline for you. Let the experienced professionals of OSMEAC Solutions provide you peace of mind with their dedication to accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how you can benefit from partnering with a team like ours.