Small Business Accounting Services.

Tracking your business’s income and expenses can be a tasking responsibility for a CEO with a lot on their plate. While some companies may have the means to hire full-time accountants, many businesses experiencing a growth phase may not be in the same position. 

Outsourced Accounting

OSMEAC Solutions helps growing and remote companies stay in control of their finances through our contract accounting services. Trust us to keep track of your books and more while you and your team focus on the day-to-day matters that keep your business rolling.

Why Hire OSMEAC Solutions for Outsourced Accounting?

Sure, our accountants are at the top of their game, but when you hire OSMEAC Solutions for accounting services, our experience comes with several benefits that a full-time accountant can’t always match.

Cost-Effective Services

Hiring a full-time accountant or accounting team can be a massive investment for a growing company. Our contract accountants are there for you when you need us and help your business save money while accurately keeping track of its money!

We Spot Red Flags Before They Strike

OSMEAC Solutions is dedicated to providing the best accounting services for our clients. In fact, our years of experience with business finances allow us to find red flags in a business’s accounting practices in time for proactive resolutions.

We Provide A Range of Accounting Roles

Sometimes a business may just need an individual to fulfill a specific accounting role in their company. The time it takes to track down and hire a qualified candidate is both time and money wasted.

OSMEAC Solutions makes all contract accounting decisions easy with the range of roles we can fulfill. From staff accountants to interim controllers, our team of experienced accountants is ready to fulfill your financial needs on-demand.

Our Outsourced Accounting Services.

Our contract accounting services are entirely remote and allow for stress-free accounting that ensures your financial practices are always in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Financial Document Preparation

We take all of your financial information and transcribe it into accountant-prepared financial statements. Our work allows you to accurately keep tabs on the cash flow of your business.


Book Auditing

The information you add to your bookkeeping system should always be accurate. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made; but with OSMEAC Solutions on your side, you’re guaranteed that your financial information is verified and always correct.


Advisory Services

Our accountants do so much more than just review your business’s books. We also track your company’s financial standing and offer accounting consulting services that help you make the right financial decisions that push your business closer to its goals.

Take Your Accounting

Further With OSMEAC Solutions, Today.

If your business is on the rise and ready to ensure that its finances are always accurate, let the contract accountants of OSMEAC Solutions help. Whether your business needs a full-time accountant or someone to audit the books while you’re in-between positions, our team is ready to take on the challenge.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to tell us a little more about your unique accounting needs.