Certified Public Accountant (CPA Services).

A certified public accountant (CPA) can help business owners relieve themselves of some of the tax and accounting responsibilities that can be both overwhelming and challenging without the right experience. Many businesses in need of a professional tax expert and accountant on their side may have a hard time finding the right accountant to represent their best interests.

The CPAs of OSMEAC Solutions can easily join your team on a part-time or full-time basis and fulfill your accounting needs while you focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of your business.

When Should a Business Hire a CPA?

A CPA is one of the most essential positions for a business that’s on a path to growth. However, not every team is equipped to handle the responsibilities that a CPA assists with. If you know that you aren’t prepared to take on business taxes, bookkeeping and payroll, and other important financial tasks, it’s time to consider hiring a CPA that can help you achieve financial responsibility.

Cpa Services

Our Experience Makes the Difference.

Although we’re not a traditional licensed CPA firm, oftentimes, people want to see that a business has a CPA that can step in when duty calls. We provide those CPA services on a contract basis and help the clients we serve always put their best financial foot forward.

Our experience allows us to go above and beyond our duties and wear different hats that help complete the same suit. From payroll and bookkeeping to litigation consultations, our CPA services have most of your business’s financial needs covered. We have CPAs on staff but have partnered with CPA firms to ensure that all of a clients’ wants and needs are met.


Business Tax Filing

As a business owner, you have to understand the local, state, and federal aspects of your business’s taxes during filing season. Not only can these filings get complicated, but your business could wind up in hot water if it consistently turns in mistake-riddled filings. Our CPAs help you understand and complete all of your annual filings before deadlines hit. Let us help you keep your taxes organized and your business out of auditing range.


Financial Forecast Creation

Our CPA financial forecasting capabilities allow us to review your past data and apply it to the viability of your future business goals. Preparing for the future is important for a new or growing business, and our team ensures that you take advantage of every possible opportunity on the way.


Audit Guidance & Preparation

If taxing entities do end up auditing your business, we will help you with all of the essential guidance and preparations involved: ● We gather accurate financial information for your audit ● We collect any and all records required for the audit ● We make your accounts clear and leave zero guesswork for the auditing organization


Budget Creation

Annual budgeting is your business's spending management plan for the year. We help you prepare an accurate budget through a thorough analysis of past and current income and expenses. Our budget creation services help ensure that your business is on track to meet or exceed its annual goals for growth.

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Experience Quality CPA Services With OSMEAC Solutions.

If your business is in need of CPA services that make a difference, reach out to OSMEAC Solutions today. We ensure that your taxes are filed accurately every year and that all necessary payments are made on time.

Trust our decades of experience with your business’s financial future.