Bookkeeping Services.

As your business grows and continues to earn and spend more money, it’s eventually going to need a professional bookkeeper to keep records and reports accurate. 

Not every management team has the experience to handle bookkeeping duties, and some may not be ready to employ a full-time bookkeeper.

OSMEAC solutions offers virtual bookkeeping services that allow flexibility and control over a company’s finances. Trust us to take the stress out of maintaining your company’s books.

Why Work With OSMEAC Solutions?

We understand that you have many options when it comes to hiring a virtual bookkeeper. That’s why we always go the extra mile for our clients and gain a deep understanding of your company, its goals, and your proposed path to meet said goals. 

We have decades of experience in the financial field and know that we can put our solutions to work towards achieving your long and short-term goals.

Our Bookkeepers Make Your Business Stronger

Outsourced bookkeeping from OSMEAC Solutions isn’t just a great way to keep tabs on your daily financial activities. Our bookkeeping solution also brings added bonuses to the companies that take advantage of our services:

● Contract services help your business save money on accounting fees that could quickly add up with only an annual glance at your records from an accountant.
When you put your finances in our hands, we take the stress of your accounting off of your shoulders. As a business owner, your time should be spent where your personal strengths can succeed. Let us handle the banking.

Our Bookkeeping Services.

Our goal is to always provide the best financial solutions for the businesses we serve. Let our bookkeeping services help satisfy some of your company’s essential needs.

Financial Statement Creation

Our full-charge bookkeepers keep records of all of your business transactions and create necessary monthly financial statements. Our thorough financial statement and reporting services help you prevent financial errors that could come back to haunt your business in the future.


Payroll Services

It can be difficult to keep track of every employee’s payroll account while focusing on growing your business. Missed or incorrect payroll is something that your business can’t afford. At OSMEAC Solutions, we take over your payroll services and ensure accurate calculations, timely processing, and organized record keeping for when tax season rolls around.


Process All Finances

Whether a client pays you for services or you make a large purchase for your business, you need to ensure that all payments are accurately processed through your bookkeeping system. Our bookkeepers learn your system from the inside out and help keep all processing accurate and simple for your management and accounting to review.

Sort Out

Your Bookkeeping Easily, With OSMEAC Solutions.

If you need a bookkeeping solution that can help you understand your business’s financial standing, OSMEAC Solutions is prepared to help. We are a national firm that specializes in all areas of outsourced accounting; ranging from bookkeeping to fractional CFO services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.