Fractional CFO Services.

A business’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an officer within a company that is responsible for the finances and financial practices of a business. From initial financial planning to the determination of financial risk, a CFO is essential for helping a business meet the goals of its industrial plan.

While a CFO may be a must-have position within a business, filling the position is easier said than done.

Fortunately, the financial experts of OSMEAC Solutions offer an affordable, remote solution for businesses that require the expertise of an outsourced CFO.

What is a Fractional CFO and Who Needs Our Services?

A fractional CFO from OSMEAC Solutions can easily step in and fulfill the responsibilities of a full-time CFO for a business. Outsourcing a CFO through OSMEAC Solutions brings your business the qualified financial assistance it needs without the complexities and time commitment of hiring a quality full-time officer.

If your business is experiencing a growth phase or is amidst a shift in management, an outsourced CFO can help ensure that you avoid the financial mismanagement that could result in the destruction of your business.

Our Fractional CFO Services

As part-time CFOs, we bring the best financial assistance to the table. Our CFO services include: 

● In-depth reviews of your business’s cash-flow statements
● Weekly to monthly financial reports that keep you up-to-date on your business’s financial progress
● Budget preparation
● Financial projections
● The keeping of accurate financial records

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fractional CFO?

Aside from the general financial services that our clients benefit from our outsourced CFO services, OSMEAC Solutions offers several other reasons to use our part-time CFO services over a lengthy full-time hiring process.



Finding a great CFO can be an expensive process. From posting a listing to going through lengthy interviews that may not even produce a viable candidate, hiring a full-time employee costs your growing business a healthy chunk of time and money. Our fractional CFO services let you skip the process entirely and help you gain a CFO without the fuss of salary negotiations or the risk of a new hire that simply doesn’t work out.



OSMEAC Solutions helps you put your money towards actual growth and not a hopeful gamble. We have decades of experience in the financial services field and can help you meet your financial goals with ease. We are ready to learn your business’s financials from the inside out and exceed any expectations you may have for the fulfillment of your CFO position.


Efficient Management Transition

If your company is between CFOs, you can’t afford to let it sit without one for long. Our part-time CFOs can help ease the transition process and take over your finances while you and your team search for a new CFO.

Trust OSMEAC Solutions

With Your Business’ Finances.

If you are an owner of a growing business that needs help fulfilling its financial goals, let the professional fractional CFOs of OSMEAC Solutions take the reins. We are a team of reliable CFOs that can bring your business the financial satisfaction it deserves.