Contrary to what some may think at first glance, OSMEAC is not a name of sorts. Nor is it a place, or thing. Pronounced [Oh-Smee-Ack], it is a Military acronym used to describe a process. To be more specific, U.S. Marines use this acronym (O.S.M.E.A.C.) to carry out detailed combat missions.

So why OSMEAC?

Charlie Osborne (Founder) holds a B.S. in accounting, and M.S. in accountancy and has several years experience in all industries as an accounting and finance professional. He served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years before starting his career as an accounting professional. During that time he carried out hundreds of training and combat missions as a small unit leader. OSMEAC is the foundation for every mission he carried out, and it became ingrained in his daily thought processes. To this day Charlie uses OSMEAC as a foundation for improving his businesses and taking them to the next level.

  • Orientation
  • Situation
  • Mission
  • Execution
  • Admin. and Logistics
  • Command and Signal

In 2018 Ryan Wood (Owner) joined the OSMEAC team as a partner and brought his Marketing and overall business expertise to the table. Charlie and Ryan saw a need for their clients to be able to go to one source for several services and this proved to be a successful first step. In the future, they hope to be able to provide clients with even more tools to attribute to their success.



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