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Advanced Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can take your business to unimaginable places. With billions of daily active users, social media ads can be a profitable growth channel for any business with an existing product or service. It just takes a well-thought-out strategy, compelling content, good creative and expertise in how to use social media ad platforms to target the right audiences.

Media Buying

You have a product or a service, now you need to figure out where to acquire customers. That’s where we come in. OSMEAC’s team of growth marketing veterans have the experience and know-how to help you build an advertising strategy that acquires new customers, and retains current ones, profitably. We’ll build the strategy, install the technology to measure the effectiveness of that strategy and then execute.

Data & Analytics

Without sound data tracking, no strategy scales. If you can’t see what‘s working in your strategy, you can’t optimize. We take the time to make sure there’s full transparency in to the efficacy of your strategies through various data dashboards.

Website Design, Development & Optimization

Whether you currently have a website or don’t, our team of seasoned designers and engineers can build you a high-converting platform that is both beautiful and effective. If it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t work. We have the experience and resources to make sure the site accomplishes business objectives in a good-looking way.


What our
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Dale Partridge

Best-Selling Author and Founder of Sevenly and

“What makes Ryan so unique is his obsession with learning. He’s always up to date with sound marketing strategies that could benefit your business.”

Shannon Keith

Founder & CEO of Sudara

“Ryan is a team player with a very collaborative approach to digital marketing. His ability to rally the team and extract fresh ideas keeps his work innovative, current and invaluable!”

Gene Na

Founder of

“Ryan knows what he’s doing. He’s a whiz at Facebook ads and gets results. In fact whenever I get requests to manage ad campaigns, he’s the only one I recommend.”


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