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Fractional CFO

Small businesses are learning quickly that they do not have the bandwidth, but need the expertise of a CFO or Controller in order to compete in their markets. Fractional CFOs are half the cost, with the same level of dedication and knowledge. Our team of CPAs, CFOs, and Finance professionals ensures that you have the best practices and policies in place for accounting and will manage your finance team for you. Accuracy, and building Financials from the ground up so you can make the best business decisions is our number one priority. This includes everything from Accounting to complex financial modeling and is the most popular service we deploy.

Tax Prep

Taxes can be confusing, which is why we partner with local CPA firms to increase our efficiency and reduce your tax liability at the end of the year. We have the ability to file ourselves, or for more complicated matters ensure our trusted network can take care of your tax needs on our behalf. Setting up your books early with the proper business structure and being able to maintain solid records throughout the year is the first step. Contact us today to learn more!


Projects frequently come up within the normal course of business that owners and managers generally do not have time to fit in. Having a professional consultant take over that project for you is sometimes the best decision to save time and money long term. We have several people on staff ready and willing to help with system implementations, bookkeeping clean up, process improvement or any other course of business short or long term.


Accurate and timely bookkeeping early in the life of your business can help prevent headaches and lost opportunities when you least expect it. OSMEAC brings in only those we feel are qualified and have a knack for accounting and the education/experience to back our brand. Reduce the headaches and hire a contract- part or full time bookkeeper from OSMEAC today.


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“As a growing business we had a need to bring in a fractional CFO to assist us with our growth and evolution to a more sophisticated business. Our clients our culture and our people are of paramount importance to our executive management team. Charlie and his staff were acutely aware of how important our company culture is to us and could not have been more helpful and caring in this process. If you feel that your business is evolving to the next level and need an intelligent, caring and understanding Fractional CFO to help guide you through the process, OSMEAC is the right partner.“

Mason M.

HR Consultant

“Charlie has a unique set of strengths that produce unbiased and insightful advice along with a great work product. Based on my experience and feedback I have received from those that I have referred to him, I have supreme confidence in recommending OSMEAC Solutions.”

Calvin R.


“OSMEAC’s contract CFO services turned my business around. Charlie and his team of CPA’s built the financial modeling needed for me to get a line of credit from the bank and make the strategic investments internally that took my business to profitability within 9 months.”



We exist to provide small businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow and succeed. We provide high quality financial services with a priority in customer satisfaction.



Contrary to what some may think at first glance, OSMEAC is not a name of sorts. Nor is it a place, or thing.


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