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We set out to be a strong support system for companies to ensure the highest possible success rate in times of growth. Our team of highly trained and skilled CPAs and Finance and Accounting professionals are ready and willing to get our hands dirty so business owners can keep the main thing, the main thing. Whether you need us on site, or not, we will ensure your systems, processes, and teams are set up for the highest chance at success. With our wide range of skills and experiences, we often find the ability to help across several areas of business. Contact us today to learn more about us!


Developing and executing a marketing strategy for your business, regardless of size, takes delicate management of time, talent and cash. At OSMEAC, our team of CMO’s have the experience and track-record for managing these delicacies in just about every market segment out there; from eCommerce, to non-profits to SaaS companies. Our team’s focuses are on the KPI’s that matter to any marketing strategy: CPA, RoAS (ROI) and LTV. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you scale!


IT security is essential in any growing business. Data breaches and malicious employees can cripple a company’s assets. Our CIOs help ensure you have a proper contingency plan and help maintain security by monitoring your computer assets for you. We can truly bridge the gap between IT and Compliance giving you the peace of mind you deserve as a business owner.


As small businesses scale, there are always going to be growing pains. Hiring, firing, interviews, recruiting, compliance, and so on are all an added complication but necessary nonetheless. Bringing on a contract CPO will relieve some of the burden business owners and executives often take on themselves. Whether needed on site, or off, our goal is to maintain compliance and ensure a positive and successful work environment for your employees.


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OSMEAC Finance

Whether you need help with tax prep, bookkeeping all the way to fractional CFOs, our team of CPAs and finance professionals are the solution you’ve been looking for. Learn more about how we can service all of your Finance and Accounting needs.

OSMEAC Marketing

You have a product and/or service. You have the vision. Learn more about how our team of growth marketing experts can take that product and vision to the masses through profitable digital marketing strategies.


IT security and basic services can be a necessity for many small businesses. We have several solutions and a team to support you and your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


HR consultants can help you in staying compliant and avoiding PR nightmares. HR is there to support the executive team in keeping the peace within a professional setting. We can visit on site or work remote as needed. Reach out to our experienced professionals today for more information.